Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Everyday is a chance of a new beginning!

Most of us forget that everyday is a new beginning! When we get up in the morning you are giving a new chance to start over!yesterday is gone but you have a chance to start over and do better today! take it and go to bed proud of yourself tonight! don't let anybody take over your day, you are the Master of your life!
For a very long time I did let others to be in charge of the way my day will go, but not anymore!
Some people don't understand boundaries and use their power or authorities to manipulate others, don't give them the power!
For 13th years now I have started The Simple Abundance a Day book of Comfort and Joy from Sarah Ban Breathnanch, this year I wish I will finish this journey! I'm ready to learn to be happy with what I have! I'm so bless to have a wonderful husband, my two kids and the purrfect four siemise cats!
Yesterday I did start an album kit I order on line and did some organisation in the unfinish pile of projects I have I will start posting finish projects soon!
Have a wonderful day!

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